Jayne is endorsed by D'Addario for guitar strings.


note: CDs and individual digital tracks now offered as downloads through CD BABY. Full physical CDs can be purchased there as well OR through "listening room" on this site or Amazon.com at this point. If you want a new copy through Amazon, look for Jayne Sachs as the seller and she will autograph for you if you ask. The other Jayne Sachs Band CDs to be listed soon on CD Baby and other digital sites.



Hi everyone!

WNKU-FM has invited us to perform live on air and in front of a studio audience for their famed Studio 89 show, Monday evening December 9th at 7pm! If you would like to be a part of the night at WNKU , here is info:

Presented by RED 212, Studio 89 is a live music series that airs in the spring and fall and features musical acts from around town and around the world performing live on the air and in front of a studio audience. Studio 89 takes place in the Digitorium of NKU's Griffin Hall. The Digitorium is a state of the art facility complete with opera box seating, professional lighting, and a 15' x 25' led video wall.

Admission to Studio 89 is free, but there will be a suggested donation of $5.00 per person. Seating is limited and reservations will be accepted online Tuesday, December 3rd before Jayne Sachs Band's show. Cut off will be Thursday at noon. Active WNKU Members receive first priority in the order received. If, by Thursday at noon seats are not filled by members, non-members will be taken in the order received. Listeners can become members by making a financial contribution to WNKU online or by calling 859-572-6500.

We HOPE to see some familiar faces there!! It is also being videotaped for television release. Tune into 105.9 Middletown-Dayton, 89.7 Highland Heights-Cincinnati, 104.1 Portsmouth-Huntington to hear the show if you cannot make it. But try to make it!!

My best,


... And Gerry may be there! (are you getting a little annoyed with Gerry yet?)


It's a song continuing to raise awareness regarding Child Sexual Abuse. It also won the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the POP category. "Twisted Ballerina" continues to travel the globe breaking the silence surrounding this horrific issue.


Listen to Twisted Ballerina now (4.5MB MP3) read lyrics

We'll be updating press reviews in the near future.


And be sure to check out the latest reviews and profiles pertaining to Jayne and the new album, as well as selections from older articles.


Monday, Dec. 4th

Oh my my, long time indeed. I apologize for my laziness. It's been a year and two days since my last digital letter in a bottle. No excuses.

I wish I could say that this lost time has been spent buried away in a remote studio somewhere where musical fairies make it all real and the song saints bless you with pocketfuls of diddies and other meaningful musings, but it ain't so, Joe. It's just been life marching on, and I've been lazy. Still working with the coffee... and writing a little here and there. I stole the "still working with..." from Leonard Cohen. In a spoken word of his called "A Thousand Kisses Deep", he says "still working with the wine.." That. too.

Speaking of Master Cohen, I saw him for the third time in as many years last week in Detroit. 4th row, Fox Theatre. And once again, my life seemed to hold it's breath.. until I blubbered on the exhale when he played Anthem. Exhaling is necessary. I guess I've had a few cracks in my everythings lately and I'm waiting for the light to get in. Leonard is 78 now and on his third world tour since 09, selling out in all lands and continuing to grace the world with 3 1/2 hour shows each and every time he takes stage. He still skips on and off stage and can get into a squatting position and back up as easily as bending a finger. He released a new CD recently and his work is as relevant and as moving as it's ever been. I am in love with this artist's work and am in awe of the man.

On to other thoughts... one of our newest songs "Best I Can Do" is floating around various songwriting contests. Only one landing strip has been offered so far, and "Best" descended gently down to the "Song Of The Year" contest results being named "Suggested Artist". They contacted me last night. It didn't win mind you, but it resonated with the staff (they say) and it placed high in the final judges' scores and therefore was given this title. I have no idea what this really means, but we'll take it as a nice compliment. Thank you "Song of The Year" for the listen and consideration. We'll keep you updated on other results if and when they should come to pass.

The guys and I had a cool plan on how to release new material and I hope we can execute the idea. We have a studio. We have new songs. We want to get a bunch of songs recorded in a live, studio kind of way (which means not many overdubs ((which means keeping the recording simple)) which means (((how we play the songs live))) which should mean being able to get the songs recorded and shelved until we have enough to start sending to you. We would like to then send out a song a week or two songs a week as mp3's to those who want to receive them. With each mailing will be lyrics and a few pictures perhaps and some info on that particular song. We would ask maybe twenty dollars for this ahead of time and would hope to get 20 songs uploaded and sent out. Write to me at blue88@aol.com with any of your thoughts on this... would love to hear from you.

Coffee is cold. Need it to be hot. Gotta go make it hot.
I won't let another year slip by before writing.

Miss you all... Oh by the way, the band and I (full band!!!) will play at South Park Taven in Dayton, OH this Saturday, the 15th of Dec. 2012. See above for more info.

Hope to see you soon.



Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that I am on Twitter now. Oh my gosh, I am a late bloomer, but maybe that means my blooms will last a little longer? Probably not... probably the flowers that bloom later still get the wrath of the first frost. So be it. But I'm here. It's a Saturday where I am. Probably for most of you, too... my daughter is sleeping on the couch behind me and will at any moment wake up to my clicking and give me lickin'. It's almost 10am and me thinks it's ok if she wakes up now. 11 year olds aren't supposed to spend the night on the couch anyhow... plenty of time for that in 10 or so years...hopefully longer. Hopefully never.

Ok...back to Twitter. I can digress on a dime... or however that saying goes. Who was the first person to stand on a dime anyhow and turn? And why?

Ok, ok.. back back... Twitter. Not quite sure of what I'm doing yet but I'm giving it the old college try. Here I think.

I'll be in touch soon.

Happy trails to you today...



Friday, Nov., 25th

It's getting midday afternoon (should be in a song, eh?)... and I'm still as stuffed as that poor turkey was last night. I survived the meal though.. the difference between me and the poor turk. I actually hate to think of it that way. I will be a vegetarian today.

Ok... a little more news. The boys (as in Jayne Sachs Band) and I went into the studio last weekend and cut a band version of the new piano song "Best I Can Do". The web series (mentioned below) Venice The Series may be using that song as well in an upcoming episode for season three. We like the way "Best" turned out. A slight departure for us as a band and sometimes departures are refreshing. I hope to start offering some of our studio cuts on the web for downloads. Stay tumed or I should say clicked in for more info on this and other pertinent stuff.

Hope everyone is having a decently good weekend. It's beautiful here in Dayton of Ohio... hope all is well wherever your computer may reside.

Happy day to you.


Sunday, Nov. 13

It's been so long!

Sunday morning. Quiet house. Cat on lap and one bird is very consistently trying to make a bird point outside the window. I'm sure my cat wishes that the bird was on her lap instead of she on mine. Is that correct English? "she on mine?" Well hopefully you know what I mean. My cat's name is Lilly Lou and the bird's name is "shut the fuck up please".

Good news. I heard from the music supervisor for the Emmy award winning web series "Venice The Series". They are entering into their third season and would like to use Freaky Broken from the Velveteen Girl CD in an upcoming episode. I'm really excited about that. That is the only detail I have at the moment but will keep you abreast. You can check it out at Venicetheseries.com . Thanks to my friend Karen for sending my music to Kelly Moneymaker and thanks to Kelly for liking Freaky Broken. Hey, a side note about FB. I'm not a smoker but when I was recording vocals for that song in Nashville the producer lit a cigarette and ran it out to me and said to smoke it while doing vocals. He thought it would add an interesting element to my voice. If you listen carefully, you can hear me exhale at the very beginning of the song right before I start singing. It's Brilliant eh??!!! It's better than the time I accidentally tooted while doing a track on another song for that CD. But, let's not get started with Jayne stories here. Or I guess we could... but "shut the fuck up please" is distracting me and my coffee mug is feeling too light for this Sunday morning... so I must remove Lilly Lou off of my lap and fill my lonely cup.

More to come!

Sunday, Jan. 31st

I know, I know... Where have I been? I haven't been in touch. I know. And I apologize.
I've been recovering from something that has taken me out of commission since last May basically. I won't go into boring details, but suffice to say it involved the lowest part of my spine and body parts even south of that. I didn't have a specific accident to point to, and no one can tell me for sure what happened, but I've been in a lot of pain since last May and I think I'm starting to come out of it now. I'm in a brace/belt type device and I think I'm seeing the light of day. That is why there haven't been any shows except for a few that I had promised to do.

But on the upside here... the band and I have taken this down time to begin recording the 6th CD. Steve is at the helm and we have an office/studio in town so we're not on anyone's clock/register with the stress of typical studio stuff. I haven't been able to make it in very much, but Steve has found his man cave at the studio and he's putting together some pretty interesting stuff. We're excited about it.

So hang in there with us. We'll be back out, maybe at the end of spring. I'm starting my fourth month of physical therapy and my wonderful therapist Janell says her goal is to get me back on stage. That would be nice. Janell is a miracle worker I do believe and I'm certain she and I will reach that goal.

I do miss you all and can't wait to reunite. It'll feel good.


P.S. I did see Leonard Cohen a second time... this past October George and I drove to Columbus. It was one of my first outings since I saw him in May. I wasn't going to let my spine issue stop me from seeing Leonard. I would drag a legless body (mine, I mean) if I had to, to see Leonard Cohen. And if you read the blog below about his May show, his October show was just as fantastic. I was second row center once again with Leonard just feet from us. How wonderful is that?? And then the next morning, I started with Janell.

Love to you all.


Tuesday, Aug. 4th

Hi everyone! We're in an on-line voting competition sponsored by Taylor Guitars. You can vote everyday until Aug. 31st. If you want to help us out, please go to:


Thanks so much! It's a total long shot, but hey... we can try, eh?




Wednesday, June 10th

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in

-Leonard Cohen

Sunday, May 10th

I am forever changed.

But first let me wish all the Mothers out there a very happy Mother's Day. For me there is nothing more special, nothing more precious than my two children and so FOR ME, this is the most important personal day of the year. My two kids are (right at this very moment) scooping out finely ground Aged Bali coffee and counting to ten because that is the capacity of our coffee maker. And I need my coffee. Perhaps it will be a 10 plus 10 day today... which brings me to being "forever changed" on this Mother's Day Sunday.

I was in the 2nd row, almost middle section of the Fox Theatre in Detroit last night being awe struck by the very great and gracious Leonard Cohen. This was indeed a dream come true for me as Mr. Cohen is the artist who has inspired me more than any other since I became a songwriter. He is 75 years old now and he put on a three hour concert. Age did not appear to be a factor for Mr. Cohen and in truth I would have paid the orchestra pit tickets just to be THAT close to the man and stare at him, even if he didn't play or sing a note. It was HIM I wanted to be near. The seas parted for me last night at the Fox Theatre and Leonard Cohen played. I will never forget this show. I will always embrace the raw, edgy poetry in this man's songs and his undeniable passion as a performer. He moves me like no other writer. Leonard Cohen.

He said he hadn't played that particular venue for 15 years... since he was 60. He said "I was just a crazy kid with a big dream". !!

Well, one of this crazy kid's big dreams came true last night and I will be forever changed.

I am a happy mother today and I say that in all it's meanings.

I am a happy mother.

And now I'm sure I will be sweeping up Aged Bali from my kitchen floor as I'm sure not all scoops made it perfectly into the coffee maker. But the coffee will be good and the hands that made it will never be this little again.

Until next time friends, I wish you a a crazy dream...


Tuesday, April 22nd 2009

Me, my friend Cheryl and Leonard Cohen on May 9th in Detroit. What else is there to say? To me, this is THE ultimate concert and a once in a life time sort of thing... Leonard Cohen has been a major influence on me as a songwriter. He's my kind of legend and I'm SO excited to see him. We have orhestra pit tickets... hope that is close enough to send my panties soaring. Actually I wouldn't dare send my panties in the direction of Leonard Cohen... that most certainly would be an insult (if you knew my panties.. ) But what I wouldn't give to send a song or two up there. To have Leonard Cohen's ears for a minute or three and a half would drop me to my knees. He is such a poet and so damn insightful. "Famous Blue Raincoat" is one of my all time top 10's. He is in his mid 70's now and I am SO SO happy that I get the chance to see him in the flesh. I'm giddy. Can you tell? I love this man's writing.


Monday, July 14th 2008

Katie Reider: 1978-2008
I am so sad for Katie and her family. She was a rare human being and it would take but a second to see her on stage to know that this dynamo performing in front of you had a spirit you wouldn't soon forget. From her amazingly quick wit down to her bare feet, Katie was real and true and happy to be alive. It was obvious. I'm happy I had the chance to share some shows with her and be touched by her "Katie-ness".

Monday, June 23rd

“Scratch any cynic and you’ll find a disappointed idealist.”
George Carlin 1937-2008

I saw him live at OSU in the early 80's. Loved him. My friend Keith Traxler and I went to check him out and I so appreciated his "affection for language and passion for truth". He was a funny funny human being who wasn't afraid to put it out there. I especially liked his word choices.. (you know me) and his honesty in his interpretation of people's behaviors and beliefs. He was brilliant in my opinion.

Saturday, May 24th

I have a very urgent and important message and I hope everyone reading this can help. Beloved singer/songwriter Katie Reider (well known in our area) is battling for her life. A benefit has been developed to keep her songs reaching new listeners while raising a dollar a person to help with medical bills.
The idea is to introduce 500,000 people to Katie in the next 365 days. This outreach started yesterday. Please help and PLEASE pass this info on to everyone.

Katie and I have done a handful of shows together in the past and it is devastating to know what she is going through. She's a dynamo. This health issue has taken her sight from one eye and her voice and she can no longer perform and is literally in the fight of her life.

Katie Reider - listen to her songs - hear her story. Log onto www.500Kin365.org
We wish you the best dear Katie.


Saturday, Dec. 15th

Good morning. Haven't been in touch lately and I do send out my apologies. Lots of stuff going on, but not much music related at the moment. The boys and I are going to try and work out the new stuff and break into a safe to record. Really, Steve found a safe that we can record in and I cannot imagine a cooler place to hang for a while. It will feel sort of criminal. Good for the creative juices.
Not sure when we will start the process, but I'll keep you informed.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season, whatever holiday you may or may not recognize. Hopefully it'll mean a few days off for everyone. And that's always a good thing. Thanks to all the recent orders for CDs... must be for presents. Hope they aren't considered coal by the recipients.

We miss you all and hopefully we'll start booking some shows again once this crazy season hands itself over to the new year.

Love always...

Sunday, Oct. 28th

Scott like never before.


Oct. 21st, 2007

Happy Sunday to one and all.

Back in July, a TV crew from "Random Acts Of Music" headed by Henry J. shot through town and recorded three different acts from the area for their syndicated TV show. They set up in a beautiful barn (Eric Loy's barn) and recorded Eric, me and an amazing solo bassist (I will add his name here in a jiffy). During my performance, I was accompianed by a chirping barn bird that only seemed to be vocal when music was happening and became quite shy when it was quiet. If you listen to my segment, you can hear him. Also, you'll hear 2 new tunes never before recorded.

It was a lot of fun and the crew was professional. Here's the link to Random Acts Of Music..." bringing music back to the people". They've also added it to YouTube, if you wanna check that out.
Thanks Henry J. !

In other news... the boys and I will be doing some preliminary recording on our own soon. Steve is grinding his brain learning a new digital recorder we received from the Lennon contest. So our next effort might be all recorded by us... produced by us and sealed with a kiss by us. But we'll let you know. We're a long way away from that seal. I have been writing a lot lately which is always good when heading to the studio.

That's it for now folks... my daughter is sreaming that she sees a wolf spider. Lovely. We have had a wolf spider problem in the last couple of months... in fact an exterminator first came in and said they were brown recluses. Well, that's not the kind of thing someone can say to me and then expect me to ever walk around in my house again or sleep in my house again or reach into any cupboard again... or put my kids to bed and say sleep tight again...
If you know me, you'll know what I'm saying. Suffice to say, I became a brown recluse expert in a very short time and in the meantime found out they are only wolf spiders,,, not pleasant, but not harmful. So, ok... time to go and chase this one down and take it's furry self outside... or not.

Love to you all,


Thursday, Sept. 13th

Wow, I must be on a roll... or a scone actually. Two digests in two days. That's a lot more than I've been inputting lately... if my math is correct. And as you know, I always say I suck at math. I don't really suck, I panic. Like when the pizza person is at the door and I'm trying to figure in the tip and at the same time telling him or her what to give back, what to keep. It's not fun for me. The pizza is good though.

Not sure why I'm chiming in to say hi this morning. I have my coffee staring at me to the left of my keyboard and I have Zenia, my cat standing on the seat that I'm on.. plastered against me to the right... she always crowds me when I'm at my computer. But it's better than when she puts her ass in my face when I'm sleeping. I honestly don't know why she does that, but that's not fun either. But I love her.

Some news you may not be aware of... "When It's Dark" off of Sutures made it to the very final cut for a CD compilation to benefit the homeless situation. A record company (Appleseed Recordings) searched for one unsigned act or artist to include on this CD with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, etc.. "Rain" made it to the cut right before the final cut. So, that song did almost as well. The CD comp is coming out soon and you can check it out at http://www.appleseedrec.com/ Seems to be a record company that cares. Wow, those two thoughts in one sentence... odd for the industry. But they do seem to support music that makes a difference, begs to differ and in general opens some eyes.

Speaking of opening eyes... my coffee has now done just that.., and my lovely Zenia is backing into me... so it's time to fly. Remember to check out the links in yesterday's digest to WNKU's "Studio 89" with the Jayne Sachs band. Check out our Steve! He's looking absolutely great.

Peace and good wishes on this beautiful Thursday.


Wednesday, Sept. 12th, 2007

Hello to each and every! I have been negligent with this blog and I beg your forgiveness. I promise to attend to this more closely and fill these pages with my nonsense.

Ok, with that out of the way... We had a wonderful time doing Studio 89 at WNKU a few weeks ago. It's a live radio show in front of an audience. Also, cameras were there for DVD purposes and YouTube stuff it seems. Here are the links if you want to check it out. They picked "Rain" for YouTube and you can hear the entire show's podcast as well...

Thanks to a great crew over at WNKU... Pam, Jeff, Bob, John, etc... Brian O'D of course to just name a few... well, actually 5. We had a blast and the audience was a riot! Thanks to all who ventured out to spend this special time with us.

I've been writing a lot lately, and hope to go into the studio soon. Not sure what will come of it, but I promise to keep you posted.

My band... they are absolutely wonderful. I love them with every note in my register.

And you... thanks to all who support us in person at gigs, in thought when you can't be with us... and in such ways as cash, jewelry, candy at times and with your general good wishes. Love to you all!


Sunday (Mother's Day) May 13, 2007

Well happy mother's day to all... either by being one or ever having one, or having had one... and that makes just about all of us, eh? How fitting that we played "Mamapalooza" yesterday in Columbus... a celebration of all moms who rock, roll or otherwise share their art. It took the guys and I longer to get to this gig than we anticipated. It was on a private farm in Delaware, OH off of a road that decided to never share it's name with us. A shy road perhaps that didn't want us to know it's name. Steve is great in these driving situations. He has some built in compass and radar and always gets us to the gigs. Always. When we arrived we saw that the stage was in a barn. We were actually in the opening of one side of a cool barn... and people were scattered on the grass in front of it. A small gathering for Mamapalooza... but an interesting setting for sure. There were some very nice people in the crowd and they made us feel welcomed. It was a pot luck kind of gathering... everyone brought something to share and we brought our music as did many other acts. One guy in the audience brought a whole tray of olives... I hope he forgives me for laughing about that. It just struck me as funny. Olives make me laugh... always have, always will.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the day was seeing some former friends of mine who I haven't laid eyes on in 27 years! Now I know you all think I'm only 27 years old... but 27 years ago I was in my first band called "Small Shoes" with Rick & Yvonne Brown. Ok, I was only 2...



Wednesday, Jan. 3rd
Well, it's official!!! Bass playing, head banging Scotty Shiverdecker is now a bonifed NURSE!!
Congratulations to a job well done Scotty! We're as proud as peacocks... or however that saying goes.
Way to fucking go! That saying, I know.


Monday, the big 01 of 07. Happy Happy!

Zooming right along, is it not?

My friend Greg has been helping me become a little tad bit less computer challenged. Thanks Greg!

This year I will try to add some more fun shots and such from gigs and perhaps other places. So be watching and checking. Not many gigs coming up, but we will post those as soon as we confirm. We're working out some new stuff. Scotty and I have been on the phone (like we did for a good many of the songs on Sutures) playing stuff to eachother... and at the same time. Our necks are getting crooked, but such is the risk of this business. So this is good. I'm heading back to my closet when I can to write. We'll see what emerges besides a tired, dark-eyed Jayne. Happy New Year to one and all. Can't wait to get out there again and see all of you tasty people.
My undying appreciation and love,

Saturday, Dec. 30th

Hi all! Here are some shots of our recent WNKU appearance.

DJ Brian O'D, Steve, Scotty and Jayne

Kelly playing in doorway at WNKU. He's looking at Steve, Scott and Jayne. Cramped quarters. Fun time.

Oh, there he is. Kelly and mini kelly?


Friday, Oct. 20th

Hi everyone.

I was asked to write an article for a newsletter put out by the same people who publish The Musician's Atlas... (Music Resource Group). They asked me to write about my perspective of being an indie artist who tries to juggle a music career and family with two small children. The newsletter came out a few days ago and you can check it out at http://www.musiciansatlas.com/newsletter/oct06/cover10_06.htm

It's been edited somewhat. They didn't like my opening paragraph and thought that perhaps their readers (indie artists I'm assuming) might not appreciate my potty mouth (literally). Below is the unedited piece and by all means check out this on-line newsletter. You can even sign up to receive it I think.

What does being a coffee addict have to do with setting your innards free in the confines of your own small bathroom while a fresh, out-of-the-box purple pterodactyl flies around your head breaking your concentration from the paper on the floor with the half-assed set list you’re hammering out for tonight’s show which is being trampled on by a pair of 4 year old tootsies which also knock over the coffee mug which crashes down on the already defeated set list just as your innards become outtards and the pterodactyl connected to the little boy flies away?

It’s a rhetorical question.

But here’s my answer anyway.

Coffee is essential to this singer/songwriter, rocking java addict... especially after a very late night band gig... when the sun seeps in just two hours after I’ve called it a night because two sets of morning mouths are now calling me to come get them out of bed. And coffee is also essential on other less than bright-eyed days when I’ve spent half the previous night practicing for a show or writing a new tune because the only time to work on this stuff is after everyone is asleep. And to get the whole visual here, I’m in my closet with the door shut so I won’t wake anyone up. Yes, my CLOSET... my haven. Me, my clothes and my music in the wee hours of the night.

I’m Jayne Sachs from Dayton, Ohio. I’ve been performing for 13 plus years and have released 5 CDs. My music has been described as alternative/pop-rock/adult contemporary/ AAA with some muscle. (What would we do without slashes?) Suffice to say it’s very song oriented and lyric based no matter the category.

I’ll be your guide through the Dayton/Cincinnati music scenes as well as more dark and unchartered territory – the regions between art, commerce, parenthood and keeping a band together for more than a decade.

After leaping out of a television career and diving into the music pool, I put off growing my two humans in the hope of first getting my music project to the next level. Then I got even braver... I can still do music AND grow babies. After all, my womb wasn't getting any younger... although I don't think anyone could tell from stage. But they did watch me go from a lean, cut, motherless performer to a fat ass pregnant person (yeah, I glowed... right, my ass). And they watched me do this twice. And they still came back, even when those shows were non-smoking to protect my fetuses (or is it feti?). My fans are the greatest.

Now before you go jumping into bed or a donor bank or an adoption center to start your own little tribe, I will tell you that it is not without major challenges for the indie artist. Music and mommyhood or daddyhood don’t always whistle while they work. My bandmates have full time jobs (one is studying to be a nurse) and are full time Dads. We all have to make sure our kids are covered even just to get one simple band practice in... and many times that means getting babysitters if our spouses are working.
We (as in the Jayne Sachs Band) have been together for more than a decade... uniting way before children (minus one of us who plunged early). Our free time pendulum started on the side of "take all the time we want" to hang, practice, create, tour, eat hot wings (what have you)... and now swings way over to "if it's gonna happen, it needs to fit into very scheduled snippets of time". This means we practice way less than we used to and we don’t accept just any gig, although we would LOVE to.

Because we have spouses and those little pitter patters waiting for us to come through the door, we don’t travel like we used to or are craving to. But for the numerous shows we do play, it's a good thing we're tight. That's what a decade-plus does for a band. We've done a whole lot of gigs together. And during this time, I've seen my band mates start and grow their families and lose a little hair while doing it... and they've seen me expand and contract a few times... even breast feed a baby or two in between sets... and add a wrinkle or two to my own personal repertoire. This too is what a decade plus does.

But in spite of it all, we're still out there freshly kicking and rocking and doing some important gigs and releasing new material. Since we’re staying closer to the home fires these days, we’re mostly in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas playing such club venues as the legendary Canal Street Tavern (Dayton) and Peach’s (Yellow Springs), to name a few, and showcasing at the bigger music festivals in Cincinnati such as Chicks Rockfest and Midpoint Music Fest. In the last year we’ve played some large venues such as the Fraze Pavilion in Dayton and a side theatre at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati.

And I do plenty of solo shows as well. It's my project, so I wear all the hats. I've never had a manager, a booking agent or a publicist. (Good thing my head is enormous). My computer is just as essential as the coffee holding court next to it and when I'm not in my closet (during my own little recess), I'm in front of my computer working on all things music and probably working on getting carpal tunnel as well.

When it's a must that I make or take some music business calls during the day, I'm usually followed around getting tagged by my 4 and 6 year olds who are either losing patience waiting for me to hang up, or who have started to fight to get my attention, or who have wrapped their growing limbs around my leg to get dragged around on our hardwood floor (explain this to the DJ trying to do a radio phoner)... all the while I'm making meals, doing laundry, playing with and otherwise engaging my children and being the very best Mom I've always wanted to be. It's all normal stuff here in this house... but having a Mom who is setting up gigs and talking to press and doing other music related business and not being able to tuck them in on some weekend nights because of shows… or having to leave when one of them has a fever can be heartbreaking... and doesn't feel so "normal".

But for those of us who have a passion for the art, for the stage, for the lyric, for the chase... and if we’re lucky, for the occasional catch, we have no choice.
In my career, I’ve had label interest, I’ve won some big songwriting competitions and band performance contests. I’ve shared the stage with some wonderful artists, ridden the fluffy clouds above number nine and have known the true joy of inspiration. I’ve also known (as ABC would once say) the pure "agony of defeat”... of not getting the deal, of not getting even a toenail into the door... of sitting across from a suit and watching his “in” in interest turn to “dis” when finding out I’m a mother of two. Meeting over. This fucking crazy business.

Perhaps the biggest adjustment for me as a mom-artist was the writer’s block I endured after having my children. Being a mother is the best thing I’ve ever done... the happiest I’ve ever been. But I don’t siphon my creative water from a happy well. I drink from the dark depths. So the extreme writer’s block came from being happy. Imagine that. It took a handful of years, but I managed to be happy on the left and find my deep waters on the right. Some of my best work has surfaced.

As of this writing (which is in the middle of a Tuesday night), I’m thinking of my next move. I would like to pursue a publishing deal to get some of my material licensed out for film and television and to explore a writer’s deal as well. I’m doing shows and am currently writing songs I'm excited about... and figuring out how to connect with the right producer and how to find my wallet or someone else's to get back into the studio. Email me if you have any ideas.

In this immediate moment, I’m making a list of calls I need to make tomorrow morning... and once done, I'll check in on the little ones to make sure no one is sleeping themselves too close to an edge... before heading to the kitchen to load the coffee maker so my party will start on time in a few hours... and then, to the closet. I hope no one wakes up. And the pterodactyl stays grounded.


Tuesday, Oct. 10
Hello All!

I haven't chimed in for a while now... so I thought I'd say hi. In the last few months,
I've reconnected with a few people from my past and it's always wonderful to do that.

When I was at Ohio State University, I joined a band called "Small Shoes". I guess they needed one more pair of shoes and brought mine on board. It was the first time I had ever played with a band. I was 18 or 19 at most. It was fronted by a guy named Rick Brown who played guitar(s) and also in the band was his wife Yvonne who played bass (I always dug the fact that she played bass) and Tom Grice on drums. We did a bunch of covers. The drummer found my website a few months back and this allowed me to reconnect with them all again. Rick has a cool website called Naked SunFish and just recently chatted with me about my music project and has posted our talk on line. There's even a pic of Small Shoes up there so check it out. Cool stuff. Definitely glad to get back in touch. Rick taught me how to tune a guitar for god sakes! Important part of my history.

After Ohio State I put my tuned guitar away for a while and became a reporter. My first job was in Lexington, KY. I was assigned a typewriter (yes, typewriter... no computers yet) right next to Tim Weldon. Tim was the ultimate reporter... experienced, smart, tall tall tall and always wore a very reporter-like tan overcoat... Always wore this coat. Always. He sat to my left. One day Tim was doing a story about a family that had a lion for a pet in their backyard. He had on his tan overcoat. Always wore it. He was doing what we call a "stand-up"in their backyard... this is where the viewer sees the reporter talking at the scene... so he was doing his stand-up facing the camera with his back to the lion... in his tan overcoat. The lion started creeping up on Tim... ever so slowly like a domestic cat quietly sneaking up on a cat toy. Tim's oblivious because he's facing the camera and the lion is behind him... but we could see it. So the lion creeps and stops.... creeps and stops.... oh my god what is the lion going to do... it creeps some more... Tim's talking.... then the lion gets up on his hind legs and in one downward swoop takes tall Tim Weldon down to the ground in a flash of a second. Tim is stunned and springs up on his feet and turns around to see what hit him... the camera is still rolling... so when Tim turns around we could see that his favorite tan overcoat was shredded in the back... as if two lion claws had scraped down the length of it like a chalk board. This was the funniest thing I've EVER seen in television. Tim was fine. The lion was just playing (although Tim says he humped him)... we couldn't tell that... I guess that would be between Tim and the lion... But it truly was a pee in your pants moment for all of us back at the station. Someone sent this clip to the first nat'l Bloopers show and it definitely was featured. I have thought about that story SO many times over the years and I've told it to countless people. It's one of my most favorite stories and memories from my TV days.

So this past July, I get an email from Tim Weldon! We were just getting ready to play The Fraze here in Dayton and Tim in still in Lexington. He is on their promo mailing list and he sees my name... had no idea I was involved in music these days (because no one knew in Lexington at that time (I had put my guitar away)... but went to my website and read that I used to be a reporter and assumed it was the same rookie reporter who used to sit to his right and ask him the most insane dumb ass questions.. So Tim and I have now been back in touch.

I'm grateful for the people from my past and in my present and those to come.
It's always interesting and always a blast.

Till next time..




Sunday, Aug. 27th

Happy Sunday. I had a great time playing Flavors Eatery in Englewood, OH last night. I did mostly requests and sometimes that is such a great departure from prepared set lists. It was a very intimate setting with people who are familiar with the music... which always makes it fun. My children were there and it was quite a feat to not laugh during some of the songs as my 4 year old was doing his best to get me to lose concentration. He didn't "break me"... so I know I've mastered the performing version of multi-tasking. Playing a song, remembering lyrics, trying to ignore the napkins on my son's head, listening to what my children are saying to eachother (table right in front of me) helping my husband find his lost keys (which I had mistakenly snatched and put in my gig bag), etc.. while performing. What would Helen Reddy say?

The owners, Pam and her husband make the place seem like home and the food is always great and healthy. I've been a fan of Flavors for years. You should check it out.

Thanks to all who ventured out to see the solo show. I appreciated seeing you all and meeting a few new people. I have another solo show coming up in Yellow Springs, OH at Peach's on Saturday, Sept. 9th. Also on the bill is my friend Emily Strand and Cincinnati's Tracy Walker. See above for details. Music starts at 10 and the evening benefits Feminist Health Fund. More details as I get them.

Hope you're having a good day and a fine week to come.

In music,


Tuesday, July 18th

Hi all! I'm sorry it has been so long since I've written to you. A lot has been happening with a string a wonderful gigs and then a trip to Austin for The John Lennon Songwriting Contest folks. "Twisted Ballerina" did very well in the contest, but it did not win "Song Of The Year". The country songwriter Zane Williams won. The Lennon folks said they would try and share some judge's comments or ratings of Twisted with me or at the very least will try and pass on the final voting results from the on-line portion of the contest. As soon as I have that, I'll let you know... so you'll have a sense of how all of our efforts paid off.

It's really been a wonderful journey and I am so thankful for the awareness Twisted has been able to raise thus far regarding Child Sexual Abuse. I didn't intend to write a song about this subject... or to become an advocate... but as my friend and painter MB Hopkins puts it... "Art inspires action". In this case, my own art is inspiring my own action. I will forever now be a voice for this cause. And once I start talking... well... you know. I talk. Especially when I have something to say.

Thanks to everyone who has been coming out to the recent shows. We have a few more coming up and will continue to keep the website updated.

I'll write again soon.

My best,


Tuesday, May 16th

Hello everyone. Very sad news to report.

Johnnie Wilder Jr. passed awad oncey last Saturday. Johnnie had lived 27 plus years as a quadriplegic and his body succumbed to the situation. Many reading this have probably heard "Give Me Your Eyes" from Sutures CD and also on the LIVE! cd. I wrote this song after meeting this brave and wonderful man and having the unique opportunity of spending time with him and his wife Roz at their house here in Clayton one evening two summers ago. Johnnie was the lead singer of the hugely popular band Heatwave and his accident was in 1979, at the very height of Heatwave's success. My thoughts are with Johnnie's family, former bandmates and friends and all who was touched by him. We will play "Give Me Your Eyes" this weekend in his honor. When I first heard the news, I got my guitar out and played this song all by myself.

He touched my life. Thank you Johnnie. You will not be forgotten.

May 1st, 2006

Dear Everyone near and far,

We did it! We combined forces and made something very special happen!! And I thank every single one of you out there who voted and who helped spread the word to others. We truly locked arms and headed right to the voting booth.

The journey isn't over, but our voices were heard! We delivered this song to the final judges!!!

The last 6 weeks of The John Lennon on-line voting contest has been an amazing experience. I watched as "Twisted Ballerina" made its way around the world touching deep emotions in many human beings as it spread awareness regarding Child Sexual Abuse. Many feel this song is breaking the silence and giving a voice to survivors that in most cases has otherwise been silenced. National and state advocacy groups have endorsed this song and support its mission and message to raise heads to this devastating issue. And these advocacy groups are not just from the U.S., but Canada, Australia, The UK, Singapore, Ireland... you name it.

Because of The John Lennon contest. "Twisted Ballerina" was given legs to make its way around the world and into the hearts of those whose childhood had been robbed of safety and happiness... and on to those helping survivors thrive... and on to those fighting for our children's rights via legislation... and on to the general public by way of some great media coverage.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month, and as my Montgomery Co. Children Services' Ann Stevens says "Everyday is awareness day." Child Sexual Abuse isn't just by strangers who are predators... in most cases, it is by the very people our children trust the most... and in many of those cases it is right inside the child's own home as in "Twisted Ballerina." The results are devastating. The emails I've received from survivors would bring you to your knees. I'll try and share some of those with you soon. (With permission)

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for helping this song by voting on-line in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest. It will now advance to the final round to be judged by such legends as Elton John and Carlos Santana (A survivor himself of Child Sexual Abuse) and other GREAT judges! "Song Of The Year" will be announced in July!
I cannot thank you enough for the support you've given this song in its journey to raise awareness and I will personally continue to be an advocate for this issue no matter the outcome of this contest.

Let me add that if you suspect child abuse/neglect, do something about it. You shouldn't investigate... leave that to the authorities. No one needs to know you called. You could be the one saving the future of a child. You don't need to know for sure, just a gut feeling is enough. Help our children keep their innocence and have the childhood they deserve.

Soon we will have a links page of so many contacts I've made along the way in this journey. There are plenty of resources out there and we will be providing you with some.

Thank you all VERY VERY much.


My best to you,


You can check results out at http://www.jlsc.com
under Lennon Awards! I'll keep you updated.

Thursday, April 27th

Hello everyone. I've written a message above. I'll write more in a few days when I can take a breath.

Thank you all very much for the support you've given "Twisted Ballerina" in this most amazing journey.

My best,


Sunday, Feb. 26th

Good Sunday afternoon to all you fine friends!!

A big thanks to Ann Stevens of the famous "Breakfast With The Beatles" on WTUE-FM (104.7) for having me play live from her studio this day... on what would have been George Harrison's 63rd birthday. Happy birthday George. We're sure glad you were born 63 years ago and sure glad Ann has such a great show every Sunday morning to let us know about all things Beatles. I played Twisted Ballerina live and got a chance to chat about the Lennon contest and the upcoming on-live vote. See above.

I even got a travel Breakfast With The Beatles coffee mug! Wow, a great present for a caffeine freak. I'm sipping from it now as I type. Actually I just spilled down my shirt. Damn. The mug works well. My mouth... not so great.

But I certainly enjoyed talking with Ann Stevens this morning and to some of the folks who called the studio shortly after. Thanks all!!

Hearts out to you,


Thursday, Feb. 23

The LIVE CD is done and on it's way to those who have pre-ordered. Remember, you are getting 2 for 1 because of the delay. What customer service, eh?

Hope you all enjoy!

We'll be posting mp3's from the new CD soon and it'll be in the site's store very soon as well for those who want to oder via this site. And for those in Dayton, it'll be at Gem City and CD Connections soon.

Oh my...


Sunday, Feb. 12th

Hello from underneath bandages.

I had my third and hopefully final surgery on the side of my nose this past Friday. For those of you who were at the live recordings, you heard me tell you all about it. I'm absolutely fine. Will get the bandages removed in the morning and the stitches out at the end of the upcoming week. I look like an accident right now, but the traffic will clear soon and all will be back to normal.

The live CD is done!!! Legendary engineer/producer Erwin Musper has it in his possession as he put the finishing touches on it called "mastering". Check Erwin out at his studio called The Bamboo Room. And goodle him if you really want to be impressed. I am. Erwin is actually dropping off the finished CD to me tonight (nice guy!) and I'll be sending out to all who pre-ordered by the end of the week. And I'll make good on my promise to send out 2 for 1, since you all have had to be so patient waiting. And remember, this is a homegrown project. Professionally recorded, homegrown regarding artwork and packaging.

For those who want to order the new live CD through this website, it will be listed soon.

So I'll be chatting with you all soon. We have some shows coming up... but I'm healing this mug first

The LA trip was great!! The John Lennon Songwriting Contest people were wonderful to meet and my solo show at NAMM went very well. Had a few other meetings while out there and truly had a fantastic time.

I'll talk to you soon. And look for the new CD!!



Friday, Dec. 16th

Hi everyone. It's me and I'm late writing. There should be a song called "Sorry I Was Late". Maybe there already is.

Anyway, I wanted to update you on the progress of the live CD.

It is progressing!

That is the good news. We have lots and lots of good stuff to work with and the guys at Mind Ignition did a wonderful job recording the shows! They have made it easy for us. Steve has been a busy guy mixing mixing mixing. And right now we're in the process of tweaking.

We think we'll be proud to release the CD because it sounds like... well... US.

It's all us and you. And that makes for a good live CD.

I'm working on the artwork. And hey, I'm not a designer and I don't have professional design programs... so the artwork will reflect that. But I'm having fun with it and that makes it ok.

I was truly hoping we could release this before the holidays, but that won't happen. I'm VERY VERY sorry. We did run into some barriers that couldn't be avoided. A week after the shows, I came down with a form of bronchitis that took me down for weeks. The inhaler they gave me was sort of fun though. However, I do feel very sorry for people who have chronic breathing problems. All it took was for my doctor to tell me that I wasn't breathing well and I wasn't getting enough oxygen to set my mind obsessing on my breathing. It was very much a Jayne thing and I'm not proud of it. I could NOT stop thinking about breathing and those breathing thoughts would cause me to not breathe and then to freak out about NOT breathing and then into the panic attack mode.

Anyway, I digress. Really?

After we get the CD all mixed and tweaked, then it goes to get mastered. We're looking at our mastering options right now. I am beyond certain that the CD will be done shortly after the 05 rotates to 06. For all of you who pre-ordered, we've kept good notes and will send yours out right away. In fact, for being so patient, we'll double your order. If you ordered one, we'll send two... that kind of thing.


Other than that, no news to report at the moment except that I'll be flying out to LA next month to meet the John Lennon contest folks and to do a solo show for them. Should be a blast. And my friend Boz is flying out with me which will be great. He's a good flyer. I am not. He knows I get a little tiny bit white knuckled catapulting through the skies. As long as I breathe...

Hey, have a great holiday season. Look for the new CD right after the 1st and for those who pre-ordered... thanks so much for being patient.

My full and festive gratitude,


Sunday, Nov. 6th

Hello all! The huge news of the week is that Twisted Ballerina won Grand Prize in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the pop category. I got the call this past Tuesday, and although I was in the middle of a big bad flu/fever sleep when the executive director called... I got the gist of the call. I had lost my voice and sounded like a complete mess on the phone, but hung up and called the band. I was crying and unable to make much sound so I'm sure the guys at first had no idea what was wrong with me. I tried to tell them all "I'm crying because I'm happy". And I said the same thing to each of them because when they each answered their phones, I was crying again and again and again. It's been huge news. Everyone is so happy.

Twisted Ballerina is a tough song. I stopped playing it for a few years because at a few different shows I had a few different people start sobbing and then leave the room temporarily. When one of these women came back, she addressed the audience (her eyes still swollen) and told them that it is an important topic. She was so upset. It's a hard song. I know.

A few people I truly respect talked me into playing the song again and then into recording it. So there is the short history.

We worked hard on this song in the studio, but to tell you the truth, it was the one song on Sutures that just melted into place. Scotty came up with the haunting riff idea at the beginning (actually it sounds like violin notes) and as Steve played it, he altered it slightly as it repeats throughout the whole song. Steve's guitar and weird noises throughout the tune were done in his basement as sort of a stream of consciousness thing. No one thought too much about what we were laying down on this tune... it's the one song on Sutures that perhaps didn't get too much cerebral modifications and that is a good thing. Kelly did a great job with drums and he made it easy for the producer to make the drum loop you hear at the beginning and at different parts of the song. My vocal was the scratch vocal meant to be done over, but I convinced the Lij to keep it as is. We just wanted to keep Twisted Ballerina edgy and as raw as possible. And then Lij brought in a brilliant musician to lay piano in the bridge... K. S. Rhoads from Nashville.

I want to thank everyone who has touched this song.

It's been a great week. I don't have my voice back yet, but who cares? I have my thoughts.

Love to you all,


Friday, Oct. 28th

Thanks to Gary M. for some great shots of the live recordings last weekend... click here.

More to come from Scott Preston and Andy Welter! Thanks guys.

Hope to see you at the market tomorrow morning. Want to buy me a drink?? Make it black, (no sugar, no milk) and strong. Let's wake our Saturday mornings up together! 10am to 1pm.

Monday, Oct. 24th

Well, there are no words to describe my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you who came out to be a part of our live recording this past Saturday and Sunday at Canal Street Tavern. And some of you were there BOTH nights! I'm speechless (and apparently that doesn't come easily to me judging from how much my lips opened and closed the last few nights).

You all made it live and alive and all worthwhile. I know I can speak for the guys here as well. We thank you from the bottom of our toes and especially from our souls because you touched ours with your generous support.

Thanks to those of you who pre-ordered the soon to be live CD. I'll keep you updated on it's progress. The guys and I will hear the recordings this weekend and then there will be some decisions and mixing work to get levels where they should be. This does take a little while, but I am hoping to start sending those pre-orders out by the holidays. For the others who want a copy when it comes out, I'll send out an email letting you know the details and I'll post here on the site as well.

Thanks again for giving us a weekend to remember. We love you and we hope you had a good time as well.

And thanks very much to Alex, Bill and Bordley from Mind Ignition out of New Lebanon for the recording side of things. You guys made all the difference in the world (in many ways). We're looking forward to working with you soon.

My eyes are crossing from lack of sleep so I think I'll cross my "t" here and say goodnight.

Until next time...


Thursday, Sept. 9th

Hello all! For anyone coming out to Canal Street Tavern in Dayton tonight... I WILL be there. I'm still opening, but the headliner has changed to Puzzle of Light. See above show schedule for their website to check them out. I just learned of the change.

Hey, if you come out you'll notice a band aid on the side of my nose and a scar going down to the side of my mouth. A result of the surgery I had last month. I'm not healed yet, and for the next several months you'll see me this way. So, throwing all vanity aside, I'm doing terrific. There are people with real problems... it only takes three seconds to see that on CNN. I'm just a little changed. And I haven't gigged in what seems like forever. I'm ready. Come see me and say hi. I've missed you!

See you soon,


Monday, Aug. 15th

Ok, I hated to have to cancel the "Tunes at Noon" show this Thursday, the 18th... but I had unexpected surgery last week and I'm still recovering.

I go to the doc tomorrow to get checked and he was going to tell me whether I'd be able to do the show. I didn't think that would leave enough notice to you and the event coordinators if I was told not to do the show... so I canceled. I personally have never canceled a show in 12 years. I'm so sorry for all who may have wanted to venture out. It's a bummer because the Tunes at Noon show I was supposed to do last month got canceled because of rain. Damn.

I'm OK... I'm recovering and I'm hoping to do a Tunes at Noon sometime before Fall.

I'll check in soon with you.



Sunday, July 31st

Happy last day of July folks. It's flying, isn't it?

Just got back from North Carolina. Went to the mountains for a few. Everyone needs to stare at mountains every once in a while.

We've updated the show list. There may be a few more dates added on as well. We'll keep you abreast.

The big news is that we plan to record live on Oct. 22nd and 23rd ( and release it this time) at Canal Street Tavern in downtown Dayton. Save the dates if you will... we'll look forward to having you help us make a great CD.

I'll chime back in soon. Hope to see you soon. I miss everyone.



Thursday, July 14th

Sorry about today's show being canceled. I was geared up to play and hang and have fun. After all, today I add another ring to my tree. It would have been a blast. You and me.

Not my decision. It was the city who canceled because of the threat of rain.

But hey... I've been talking to the guys about recording a live CD. We're looking to book the band in a place for two nights or two days in a row and invite those of you who truly would like to be a part of a live recording. I'm thinking the Fall would be a nice time to cozy up and rock. If you would like to be invited, shoot us an email and let us know. And if there is a particular song or songs you would like to hear for a live CD, let us know your thoughts. If you don't know the name... try and give us some sort of a blue's clue and we'll try to figure out which Jayne song you're thinking of. Go to "contact" on the site, and chime in.

I miss you all and hope to get out there more soon. I've got the solo show coming up next month and we'll be playing a band show in Sept. in Cincy (details to come) and other stuff is on the horizon... just not confirmed yet.

Hearts out to you...


Monday, June 27th


Check out this site. Ed from Cincy has this internet radio site playing some pretty interesting stuff. He's included a handful of tunes from "Sutures", I met Ed when we played the Chicks Rockfest in Cincinnati and he seems to know a sky-full of good music. See if you like it. And he seems to be a cool guy as well.

Perhaps we'll soon add a "links" page to the site to include other cool stuff. That would be great. You can send me your recommendations.

I'll write soon.


Monday, June 13th

Happy Monday! Just thought I'd slide into the week by checking in with you. It's been a while.

If you've ever been in a conversation with me about dreams... you already know I've never been accused of having boring ones. Last night I dreamt (or is it dreamed?) that my legs were on backwards. OK, I know what you're thinking. And then I was thrown into a concentration camp. OK, I do know what you're thinking now and how weird is that? There's more to it... I'm a girl with issues I guess. No shit, eh? Girl with issues and tissues.

So, I'm a little foggy this morning and trying to shake that one off. Unlike last night, many times my dreams are way funnier than I actually am. Did I ever tell you about the one where I came up with a cure for blindness? Come ask me about it at a show. I'll tell you all about it. Or ask my bandmates. Or ask me about the time I managed a band called "The Naked Folk Band". Oh, what a dream

Anyway, I've been writing lately and the guys and I are going to get together to work out some new stuff. I thought maybe we would want to rest after Sutures, but I think we're all itching to do some raw stuff down in a basement and experiment a little. I've also been toying with the idea of doing an acoustic (almost boom box like) recording of some of my obscure tunes that some of you may or may not know. I may set up shop somewhere and just roll tape so to speak and record a bunch of tunes and offer them to you on the website. Should I? Let me know. Write me any time with your thoughts.

So happy Monday... happy dreaming. Talk to you soon,


P.S. When your legs are on backwards, you have to hop backwards to go anywhere. Think about it.

Tuesday, May 31st

Hello everyone. Hope you had a good holiday yesterday. The skies opened up on us here in Dayton for a little while, but the burgers and hot dogs still were tasty.

Kelly took some cool shots this past April when we played at the Chicks Rockfest. I'm going to add a few at a time.

Here's one for starters.

The band at Cincinnati's Chicks Rockfest. We were actually playing in what used to be a living room. The man who invented the Tommy Gun used to lounge out here in his living room. All part of the Southgate House in Newport, KY.

Kelly was with us, but isn't in the shot. But you can see Scott making a face at him. You know bass players and drummers are...

Jayne, Scott & Steve before gig Steve... after a two hour wait at Perkins... after gig

Jayne looking a little red. Actually Kelly was using some sort of red filter on his digital camera. We were experimenting.

Kelly before gig. You should have seen him take his own shot. Held the camera between his toes. He's very flexible. Makes for great drumming.

Monday, May 30th

My good friend Gary and website guy/teacher of the ignorant is here helping me update this sucker. We've picked a fairly recent shot of the band to use in a test run. Later today or tomorrow I'll go it alone and see if I can get more shots up here for your viewing pleasure. Well, maybe not your pleasure... they'll just be of the band and such. Here goes.

Updated: Monday, May 23rd

Hello everyone! Haven't written in a while so I thought I would chime in.

I'd like to thank everyone for spreading the word about "Sutures". We have a lot of people checking out the website and buying the new record. The people at the post office are getting to know us. They're giving us lollipops now. So keep it coming!

I've enjoyed hearing from people out there via email and I always welcome you to write me personally. And I've also been hearing from brand new friends who are just getting to know the music. That's always great. Thanks to all! Welcome aboard... Destinations unknown. Perhaps we'll figure that one out together.

I'll write soon.


P.S. My friend Gary found a mention of the new album on a Greek website, right between Michael Jackson and Britney Spears! (Of course, nowadays I'm not sure if between Michael and Britney is a good place to be or not.)

If you spot a mention or review that we might have missed, please be sure to let us know!

Updated: Monday, May 3rd

Just wanted to say hello after a great weekend with the band. We road tripped it over to Chicago for a benefit concert. It was great to be with my buddies for the traveling... hotel fun... and of course, the show. We always have a blast together and this time was no exception.

On the way over... somewhere on 80 outside of Chicago, I had to pee like a race girl. The problem was we were in traffic... hardly moving. Hardly moving. Our exit was nowhere in sight. And in that situation, one keeps trying to figure out if traffic is going to get rolling and if one's bladder can contain it's contents long enough to see wheels start to spin faster. It was rough. I didn't want the guys to talk to me. I certainly didn't want anyone to touch me. At one point Kelly showed me his biggie cup with ice in it to actually see if I wanted to aim in that... but I thought he was shaking the ice to make things a little more rough on me (he wasn't). I thought about the biggie cup and decided there was no way I could aim any kind of forceful stream into even a biggie cup without leaving an unwanted part of Jayne in Steve's van. So, I decided against it.

When I couldn't take it anymore, Steve slowed down even more and I hopped out of his van and climbed over a construction wall and went behind another wall... trousered down and got to it. What I didn't know at first was I was showing my backside to another lane of traffic on the other side of the construciton site. Oh well. Too bad for them poor bastards but too good for me. In mid stream I thought about trying to write my name like all you lucky guys get to do... decided against that too. Jayne has too many letters.


It was a lot of fun hanging at the hotel together. Steve and I were roommates. He rolled up in the bedspread again. When will he ever learn?

Kelly gave me some great digital pics he took at a show in Cincy a few weeks ago. I'll be posting those soon. Give me a day to remember how to do that. I'm not the most technically bright bulb in the computer room

Talk to you soon!


Rainy Tuesday afternoon April 26th

So, it's not often enough that I come across a song that moves me so incredibly much that I feel a need to do my part to tell the world. So, world... take notice. I was checking out the website of an international songwriting competition. And I clicked on the winning song and it's been two days of obssession now. It was written when she was just 17 years old about her dying father. She's only 18 now. Gin Wigmore is from Aukland, New Zealand. Check it out. But I HIGHLY suggest clicking on the lyrics at the same time you listen. Her unique voice and accent make it a good idea to read along.


Let me know what you think.


Wednesday, April 20th

Hey!! Did anyone shoot video of the CD release party at Canal Street Tavern end of Feb?

We're looking for some video from that show. Digital or not...

PLEASE contact us if so.

A producer friend out in LA wants to check it out. We need quick turn around!!!



Wednesday. April 13th

Hey... I was thinking. And you know, I'm a thinker. I think the guys and I would be into doing some private parties if anyone out there wants to hire us. Summer is coming and we're itching to get out to do more shows. It could be full band or not. It could be plugged in or unplugged. If you are interested, call Peer Productions at 937-832-7438 or email Blue88@aol.com or contact us through this site. Lots o' options.

Could be fun.


Sunday, April 10th

Steve, Scott and I had a great time at the Web Coffee House in Yellow Springs, OH last night! It was very laid back and loose... which was nice for a change. A real no pressure kind of show. Kelly couldn't make it, so it was just the three of us winging it and having a good time. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. You were a very generous audience and some of you even stayed for our totally impromptu songs that we decided to do instead of packing the gear away at what would have been the very end of the night. I guess we just weren't ready for bed yet. Even though we were all dead from only a few hours of sleep the night before. (read below)

Anyway, happy Sunday to all of you and have a great week. I'll write soon.

Chiming out,


Saturday, April 9th

The Chicks Rockfest last night in Newport... what can I say? We had a great time! There were a lot of rockin' chicks from all over the U.S... as far away as NYC and California. We were happy to be invited! Thank you Jem for your hard work and fine staff. Everyone was very helpful. We really had a blast!

The press leading up to the event was terrific. Many thanks to Rick Bird from The Cincinnati Post for his great write up on "Sutures" and for putting my picture on the front page of their Time Out section! See above. I think I'll frame it... or sleep with it under my pillow... or something. And thanks to Mike Breen from The Cincinnati Citybeat for his very positive review of "Sutures". He's a great writer. And thanks to Cynthia Hanifin from the Cincinnati Enquirer for interviewing me last week. I haven't been able to get of a copy of the Enquirer yet to see what surprises may be in there, but I'm looking. Thanks to all of you. We need to do more shows in Cincinnati!!

And thanks to the fans who showed up at the show. And for my cousins Deb, Dan and Laurie for venturing out. I love you all.

Tonight we'll be at the Web Coffee House in Yellow Springs. It's always a fun and intimate show. Lots of interaction with the crowd. A no pressure kind of thing. I hope you feel like coming out. We start at 8.

If someone feels like volunteering to hold my eyes open... that would be great. I got in at 4:30 this morning. To sleep at 5am and up at 7 with the little ones. I'll try not to forget lyrics tonight or who I am or who those guys next to me are... or how to play the instrument hanging from my neck.

Hey, they have coffee. You know me. That's all I need. It'll be terrifically fun... eyes pried open and all.

If you don't feel like coming to Yellow Springs... the Chicks Rockfest is on it's 2nd and last night tonight at the Southgate House in Newport.KY. More rocking chicks!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Friday, April 1st

Been fooled yet?? Happy 1st.

Had a great time last night at UD playing a solo show with several other female artists in celebration of women's history month. Thanks to Emily Strand for putting together a fun night! The turn out was nice and it made for an intimate show. I like those up close and personals. A cool venue indeed. Had a very very nice time.

Just got back from Florida. We (as in family) had problems coming and going. After a long delay in the plane on the ground before "going", we finally (after a 2 hour sit... not real fun with 2 kids under the age of 5, although they did great) took off and were on our way to the south. With about 45 minutes to go the flight attendant got on the horn and said "If it feels extra cold on the plane there is a reason for that. We've turned the air conditioning way up because we will be flying through some very rough turbulence and it is our experience that when the plane is cooler, people don't get sick as easily".

Oh great.

Here I am with my 2 year old and 5 year old and there's gonna be vomit flying... including mine... and probably my kids. You should have seen the images going through my head. You know me. I have a slight imagination. Not to mention that I'm not the most trusting of all passengers... a little paranoid... ok, a lot paranoid to make a big understatement. I don't like rides at amusement parks. I don't get amused that way. I like solid. I like safe. I don't like rough air and extra cold planes. I don't particularly like catapulting through the air and I certainly don't like the same of vomit. So, this was to be a vomit comet.

I waited for the roller coaster to start.

And then the bumps started. Just a couple of tiny bumps. Just a little rough air for a teaser. The big ones were about to hit.

But they never did.

Just a few little pimples in the sky and that was so OK with me.

Hello Florida.

Good-bye luggage.

But that, too, made it without incidence... just a day late.

On the way home, we missed our flight because the line to go through security at the Fort Meyers airport was packed and stretched from (I shit you not) terminal B all the way back to terminal A... past all the vendors... past all the shops. I was sure the joke was on us.

We were at the very end of the line when we joined. Well, who wasn't? And we were there in plenty of time... so we thought. But we still missed our plane... by 2 minutes. After going through security, my daughter's little pink "Hello Kitty" purse got searched because she was packing sizzors. We had no idea. They were little kiddie plastic sizzers that can't even cut a piece of hair... but she still had them. We missed our plane by two minutes. They wouldn't let us on. And charged us to take the later flight.

We had to sit for 4 hours in the gate area with the kids to catch the next plane... 4 hours.

The kids played. They were fine. I watched people. I saw a man obsessed with pulling out nose hairs. It was very interesting. I was shooting a documentary in my head.

But we finally made it home.

Hello Dayton.

Good to land. Good to see you.

Anyway... back to music. Hope to see you next weekend in Cincy (well, Newport across the river) for the Chicks RockFest and then the following evening in Yellow Springs at the Web Coffee House.

Can't wait! If either one of our shows becomes too bumpy, we'll turn the air way up.

See you soon!


Sunday, March 13th

I had quite a fun time taking part in a benefit last night at Flanagan's for breast cancer awareness. It was a solo show to raise money partly for a UD grad battling cancer. Earlier in the day the organizers had a walk with a fairly good turn out given the weather. This is a cause close to my heart and I was more than happy to be involved. Thanks Dallas for asking me. Katie, I don't know you... but I wish you all the best.

The crowd was interesting at Flanagan's. It wasn't a built in listening crowd, so it reminded me of those times when you have to go a little deeper inside your art and perform it just how you feel it regardless of how you're being judged. The friends and fans there were great, and the people who didn't quite know what to make it of were great, too... good reminders to not take performing so seriously. Thank you all.

It was a blast. And I got the chance to reconnect with Bill Welker again... someone I used to work with and share an office at Ch. 7. And I got to know his wife Shelly a little better. She's a bass player for a band in Cincy. We're going to try and hook up to do a show together at some point. And Grahm was there... always nice to see. And Keith (sorry for earlier typo...I know it's Keith) from Days Without End and the organizer of the compilation Dayton After Dark II. It was great seeing you all. And of course the other performers. I enjoyed it,

And I was told someone in the back requested I play Twisted Ballerina... I didn't hear that request, sorry. Next time.

If anyone is interested in donating to Katie's cause, I assume it's still ok to contact:


Thanks again and talk to you soon...


Sunday, Feb. 27th

Wow, it's nice to have gotten a little more than a few hours of sleep and to be relaxing somewhat on this Sunday morning.

Coffee in hand... well, some of it is on my pajamas. I always spill. I can be a messy girl.

My brain keeps rewinding back to this past Friday night at Canal Street Tavern for our release show for Sutures. What a GREAT crowd! There was a lot of energy in the club that night and I felt like it was a birthday party for Sutures. I'm not sure if Sutures is a newborn or already a one year old since we worked on it in one way or another for a year. Either way, it's out among the living now and I hope it has a good time spinning.

I really enjoyed the show Friday night. I have to admit I was more than a tad nervous before the performance, but once I got up on that very familiar stage and in front of familiar faces I've seen for the past decade and the new ones I was so happy to see... all the nerves melted away under those lights and all I wanted to do was play and have fun and share the night with my bandmates and all of you who made it out for the celebration. It truly was an incredible night. We worked hard and Friday night we got the chance to exhale. It's good to exhale.

Thanks for being a part of it.

I want to personally thank my friend Gary for all of his help getting this new site up and running! He worked very hard as you may be able to tell. Thanks so much Gary.

I'll be in touch soon with additional thoughts.

For now I'm going to enjoy this beautiful Sunday and change into another pair of pajamas... so I can get more coffee... so I can spill again.

Much love,


Jayne & Scott at hotel in Nashville before the very 1st session for CD Sutures

Updated: Wednesday, Feb. 2nd

Hello everyone. This is homework for me.

I just met with my friend Gary for several hours to work on redesigning the website which will launch when the new CD Sutures is released. My head is spinning with all the things I've learned tonight. I took notes like I was in college...and that would be all on one single page...writing in circles, writing along the edges, writing in different directions, But to me, this is how I used to do it. And I did OK in school. I'm not able to write straight. Or would that be straightly? I'm sure there isn't a word "straightly". I think I've overloaded on info here this evening.

But tonight, Gary and I went over a bunchload (I know...send me straightly to the dictionary) of stuff and now it is my homework to update this site with using a picture (see above), Is it there? If so, I've passed. And if so, I picked this picture because it shows me and Scotty at a Holiday Inn in Nashville preparing to start our first studio session for Sutures. We were so excited that morning to be heading back into the studio. You have an idea of how you may like any one song to turn out, but studio work is creating in the moment a lot of the time. So, we really didn't have a solid clue as to the product we would end up with. We were so excited that morning. The morning that started Sutures. And here we are 10 months later. Sutures is at the manufacturer. And now we're gearing up to practice for the release show.

I love this picture.

Note the bed Scott is laying on. That was Steve's bed the night before. Steve and I always share a hotel room. And one thing about Steve is that he gets in bed, wraps himself up in all the coverings, including the bedspread (even though we all KNOW what investigative reports TELL us in on hotel bedspreads) and rolls himself up so only his head is sticking out. See the bottom of Steve's bed? See how the sheet has been pulled away from the mattress? That's because just a few hours before this shot was taken, Steve was wrapped the hell up in it like a cold mummy even though I've mentioned ALL the reports I've seen about hotel bedspreads. So, anyway....here was my homework. And now I'm going to bed. I'm not in a hotel.



Sunday, Jan. 30th

What a great night at Jack Quinn's in Covington last night! I opened for Ellis Paul who was performing with his friend Don Conosenti. It really was a treat. The place was standing room only and the crowd was a total listening audience, which always makes it so great for a singer/songwriter. Thanks Ellis for the nice opportunity. I love your music so much. And Don was great. And it was nice hanging with you both before the show. Just a great night.

I saw some familar faces in the crowd which made me feel right at home. Thanks to the the two "D"'s for coming in from Springfield. (Dot, I'm glad you're feeling better). Thanks to Kenny and his lady friend for coming out...and Jay & his cousin and Boz, Sharon, Kirsten and Dave. I know I'm missing some of you here. Oh yeah, there was a five year old girl there with her mother. I didn't catch their names, but the mother told Boz that for six months or so her daughter wouldn't go to sleep without hearing her mother sing 'Faye's Flower". Wow, that touched me. You don't know how much. Hey, if by chance the Mom is reading this, email me at Blue88@aol.com. I'd like to send your daughter something. Or call 937-832-7438.

Jack Quinn's Emerald Ballroom is a cool venue if you get the chance to check it out in the future. You can go to www.magus-music.com to see what's up there. I loved the room and want to thank John and Brenda for having me there,,,,and Jimmy D. for the nice sound. It's a concert venue with a bar. No smoking. It's a listening room. Very very cool.

ABOUT THE CD....it goes to manufacturing on Monday! It's called Sutures with 11 tunes on it. We worked for almost a year on this sucker. We're ready for the release party on Feb. 25th at Canal Street in Dayton. Look for another digest soon about the CD and the party, etc... And we would LOVE to have you come celebrate Sutures with us on the 25th!

Talk to you soon,


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